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Movement detector for big dogs

Bewegingsmelder grote honden
Bewegingsmelder grote honden

Product description

To connect this product to the Somfy Box, you will need the Sensor module.
This movement detector for big dogs is equipped with an infra-red sensor and a specially adapted sensor that will not detect large dogs. Thanks to this smart adaptation, the PBX will only be activated in case of human activity. If connected to the Somfy Box, an SMS or email message will be sent and the house itself can respond, e.g. by switching on the lights.


  • Easy to install
  • No false alarms caused by large dogs
  • In combination with the Somfy Box and the Sensor module, this detector can also be used without an alarm system
  • 5 year guarantee

User Manual

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What's in the box?

  • Movement detector for big dogs
  • 2 LR06 batteries
  • Screws and plugs