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What are the warranty conditions for Somfy alarm systems?

The Somfy alarm system has a 5-year warranty. You can find the legal warranty conditions here.

Where can I find the manual for a Somfy alarm product?

Each Somfy product is supplied with a user manual. However, you can also request a manual through our mobile website. Go to the product of your choice, click on User Manual and follow the instructions. We will send you the manual by email.

Why should I opt for an alarm system by Somfy?

Somfy's wireless and pre-programmed alarm systems are easy to install, reliable and user-friendly. Somfy's alarm systems work without a subscription and are easy to expand with numerous additional security products.

Are the wireless contacts between the individual sensors and the alarm center safe?

Communications between the individual sensors of your alarm system and the alarm center use two different radio frequencies. This means the information will still be transmitted, even if one frequency shows a fault or has been tampered with.

Will my alarm system remain operative in case of a power outage?

Yes, in the event of a power outage, the system will remain operative because all the individual parts are battery-operated. The only component connected to the mains is the alarm center, but this also has an emergency battery in case of a power cut.

Can I upgrade my Somfy Protexiom Basic package to Protexiom Plus or Protexiom Optimum?

The Somfy Protexiom Basic package can be expanded with most of Somfy's alarm products. More information can be found on the mobile website under Somfy Protexiom Basic. 
However, Somfy Protexiom Basic cannot be programmed using a computer or operated using a tablet or smartphone. Nor is it possible to connect Somfy Protexiom Basic to GSM or PSTN (land line).

Are the alarm products pre-programmed?

All Somfy alarm product in the Protexiom Basic, Protexiom Plus and Protexiom Optimum packages are pre-programmed. However, any Somfy products bought individually need to be programmed. The user manual for each Somfy product will explain how to do so.

Should I enter a country code when setting the GSM module for Protexiom Plus or Protexiom Optimum?

Yes, you should always enter a country code: 0031 for the Netherlands and 0032 for Belgium.

Are Somfy's alarm systems completely wireless?

All Somfy alarm products are wireless, except for the alarm center, which should be connected to a power outlet.

How do I know whether the batteries of my alarm system need replacing?

The alarm central unit will display a warning if the batteries are empty. With Somfy Protexiom Plus and Somfy Protexiom Optimum, you will also be sent an SMS notification.

Can I connect my other Somfy products to the alarm system?

Yes, it is possible to connect different Somfy products to the alarm system, including roller shutters, sun blinds, lighting, gates or garage doors.

Can I protect different rooms in my home separately?

Yes, you can protect up to 3 different zones separately. Each detector can be programmed for any one of these zones.

Does the smoke alarm also respond to carbon monoxide?

No, the smoke alarm will only send an alarm signal if it detects smoke. You will need a separate alarm for carbon monoxide detection.