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Somfy Box


Product description

With the Somfy Box, all Somfy products can be operated separately or in a group, using a smartphone, tablet or PC, from any place in the world. The Somfy Box allows you to operate Somfy products manually of automatically.


Operate Somfy products individually or in a scenario

  • Automatic week programme
  • Allow sensors to operate your home
  • Receive e-mail messages from your home or messages per SMS*
  • Connect up to 50 Somfy RTS products, 5 IP cameras, 20 sensors, 100 io home control products
  • Expandable with products from Velux, Honeywell, Hitachi and others
  • Transmission range of 20 meters in and around the house and 200 meters in open space
  • Connected to modem and/or router using an Ethernet cable
  • Verbonden via ethernet kabel aan modem en/of router
  • No subscription fees
  • Regular updates with new applications
  • Internet operation with strong security via Somfy Cloud
  • Apps available for smartphone and tablet (iOS and Android)
  • 2-year guarantee

* Requires SMS package, available through

User Manual

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What's in the box?

  • 1 Somfy Box
  • 1 Power Adapter
  • 1 Ethernet RJ45 network cable
  • 1 Remote control (to be used only for activation of a gate motor)